Work From Home Office Essentials

It’s 2020 and thanks to Coronavirus, many of us now have the option to work from home. For some people, the only option is to work from home. I recently just had to start working from home for a call center so my essentials may be different from that of another type of job. I work out of a small building that is detached from my home so some of the things I keep in here are to avoid having to leave my office space and go to the house.

The Technical Stuff

Technical requirement vary from job to job but a good rule of thumb is to have a desktop computer or in some cases, a laptop, an internet connection (most of the time with an ethernet cable), and a USB headset to plug into your computer.

For Yourself

I like to keep a bunch of things here to help me manage anxiety or just improve my space to make me feel less like I’m at work.


Investing in a high-quality and comfortable chair will make the biggest difference in your work and whether or not you can do an office job at all. You do not want to be sitting on a hard chair that hurts your back for 9 hours a day. Even if it’s not the cutest or it doesn’t match your color scheme-I’m telling you, comfort over everything!

Photobombed by my dog

Go-go juice

Second most important, a coffee station. I was going to bring a French press and electric kettle down here or a Keurig but I figured that I would have to do that a couple of times throughout the day so a whole pot of coffee would suit me better.

My coffee station is tucked away at the side of my desk, so it is not in my way. It includes a drip coffee pot, filters, cups, my bag of ground coffee (Starbucks, Dunkin or Folgers only!), coffee stirrers (paper straws work well too), and individual creamers. If you’re a sugar or syrup person then you could have that too. If you choose to utilize a reusable cup, then it would save you even more space but in the mornings I don’t remember anything so I make sure it’s all there for me. I have a gallon of water in the bottom shelf for the coffee maker as well.

First brew of the day


Personally, I don’t eat breakfast as soon as I wake up. So, if I start working early in the morning, I’ll be hungry within an hour or two and I don’t want to leave my work space and go find food in the house. Also, I’m an eater when I’m bored so snacks are a necessity in my office. I keep all my snacks and canned drinks in a bin on one of my bottom shelves of my desk. I’ll keep breakfast bars, granola bars, v8 drinks, pickles, canned coffee (yes, coffee addict and not ashamed), and any other food that I don’t have to heat up. Make sure to keep your snack bin stocked and switch up your snack inventory often. It’s a bonus to keep healthier snacks because since you’re most likely eating from boredom anyways, it will keep weight gain to a minimum. But if you do keep guilty pleasure snacks in your office, they won’t get eaten by the kids.


These are the things that you wouldn’t think are necessary, but they so are. I use these items every single day:

Tissues, especially if you have bad allergies like me!

Paper towels in case of spills.


Bottles of water.

Pen and paper.

A trash can.

A phone charger.

Your list will probably include different things than mine. I would love to know your office essentials. Leave a comment and connect with us on our social!

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