Best Unique Baby Shower Gifts

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Baby shower gifts are so fun to shop for and make, but sometimes it’s hard to know what the parents will really need or use. Diapers and wipes are always a great choice (because you can never have enough). Any parent will be so grateful for diapers and wipes because that’s something they will definitely use and the more they receive, the less they will end up having to buy. Giving something different can be tricky, especially if they don’t have a very extensive registry that lets you know the items they want. Then, it’s up to you to figure out what to give them.

I’ve attended many baby showers but it wasn’t until I had a child of my own that I really understood things that new parents needed. A lot of the things I used the most, I got or made on my own after I had my baby. And I’ve given all of these items at baby showers since then, and have gotten so much positive feedback.

Baby Book

Often overlooked and forgotten about is a baby book. A book to keep all the dates and times of milestones and memories you want to remember, vividly. First steps, first tooth, first day of school, there’s a spot for it all. I ordered this one a few weeks before my due date and took it with me to the hospital to start writing the important moments from day 1. I love it and still use it for the current milestones.

Medicine Cabinet

A great DIY gift is a baby medicine cabinet. I remember how I would always need something right in the middle of the night when I couldn’t go get it until the next day. I know a lot of parents stock up on gripe water and gas drops but things like saline mist, thermometers, and baby-safe cold medicines usually come as-needed. I made this one for my best friend’s baby shower last month and labeled it with my cricut vinyl. I got this little, 3 drawer organizer from Walmart and stocked it with the following:

Pain and Fever- Infant’s Motrin and Tylenol, + a thermometer

Flu and Cold- Infant’s saline mist, Nose Frida, Zarbee’s Natural Baby Cough Syrup + Mucus, and Maty’s All Natural Baby Chest Rub

Gas and Colic- Little Remedies Gas Relief Drops and Gripe Water

Pack ‘n Play

Pack ‘n Play Playard’s are great and serve many uses. They can be used as a bassinet and changing table for infants or a regular crib/bed for travel, plus a play area you can take anywhere! (Bonus: storage for toys and diapers in a pinch). Some of them don’t come with the upper inserts for the bassinet and changing station, they just have the bottom bed so you have a few choices for which one you think would be the best. My favorite is the Graco Pack ‘n Play Change ‘N Carry Playard, it even has a hanging storage pocket and a little mobile.

Emergency Car Kit

Another DIY option is an Emergency Car Kit for baby. For mine, I keep a couple diapers, a mini pack of wipes, a change of clothes (plain onsie’s are perfect for this), and a simple toy. That way when we inevitably forget the diaper bag or run out of something in the diaper bag, we have a back up. I’ve seriously used this car kit so much, we keep one in each car. You can use many different things and items for your car kit. The one for my car is a medium zipper pouch that I labeled with heat transfer vinyl (though, that isn’t necessary), my husband’s car kit is a wipe box, since we had a spare wipe box anyways, and I recently made one for my friend and used a clear, locking sterilite container. For an infant’s car kit, I’d recommend 2-3 diapers, 1-2 plain onsies, a pacifier (if they use one), and a teething toy. You can totally add more things to your kit, those were just my have-to-have, emergency things.

Hospital Door Hanger

A door hanger for the hospital room is a great gift/keepsake. First, you may want to check that they don’t already have one made or have a specific one they want. You could make one yourself, or order one from Etsy or from a local person who makes them. I honestly would have forgotten all about getting one, I’m so thankful that my sister got one made for us. I’ve made a few for other people over the past few months, and I’ve come to really enjoy making them with all the different themes and designs.

Diaper Pail

I’ve only seen a few people get one at their baby shower even though they are SO great to have. They really are the best things to keep your whole house from smelling like one, big, dirty diaper. For a gift, I’d recommend getting one that comes with a few refills so they don’t have to go out and get more for a while. This is probably one of the main things on a registry that doesn’t get bought often because it’s a larger item but it’s so necessary (for us, anyways).

Nursing Cover Scarf

I stumbled upon this diamond a few months ago when shopping for nursing covers for a baby shower. I love multi-use things (less to carry). This scarf is also a nursing cover and can be used as a cover for a highchair, shopping cart, stroller, or carseat, as well as a baby blanket. It’s extremely soft and stretchy but most importantly, breathable. I wish I would have gotten one in my early nursing days. And it’s a gift that won’t break the bank.

Personalized Diaper Bag

A diaper bag is a fantastic gift in itself but it’s even better with a personalized touched. Bonus option: fill the diaper bag with smaller gifts to save on wrapping!

Toiletry Bag for Hospital/ Travel

I love this idea as a gift for the parent’s to help them pack for the hospital. I ordered this bag that has multiple pockets/compartments, and got travel products from Dollar Tree and Walmart to fill it with. I included 2 travel tooth brushes, shampoos, conditioners, body wash, lotion, chapstick, hair ties and deodorant and there was still room for more. You could also add baby shampoo, lotion, and wash cloths.

Portable Diaper Changing Station

A space-saving gift for grocery shopping or quick trips when you don’t want to lug around the whole diaper bag, or want something to just toss in the bottom of your stroller. I love these because they can hold diapers, wipes and diaper cream, a change of clothes, AND they’re a waterproof pad to lay your baby on.

Milestone Blanket

I’m sure you’ve seen the cute pictures of babies on their milestone blankets. They’re so cute for at-home photoshoots and very unique to get as a gift. There’s so many designs to choose from, anything you could imagine. I love this little woodland animal design!

Gifts You Can’t Wrap But Mean the World:

New parents have their hands full in those first few weeks. They’re adusting to having their new little one home and everyone is learning the ropes. Certain gifts can’t be wrapped but are just as meaningful and useful. I highly recommend starting a trend of this type of gift-giving. It’s such a relief for the new parents to not have to worry about these things as much while they’ve got so much going on already!

House Cleaning

Give them a gift certificate for a house cleaning that they can use whenever they need it most.

Freezer Meals

Instead of them cooking or ordering take-out on the nights when they’re too tired to even think about it, pre-made freezer meals are excellent so they can toss them in the oven or crockpot and continue doing what they need to do, without sacrificing a home-cooked meal.

And the best of all, your support! Checking in on them regularly and offering help in any way possible is the best gift you could give. Sometimes, they just need a conversation with another adult about anything other than diaper changes and feeding schedules. Never underestimate the importance of just being there for them during this crazy time and reminding them that you care.

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