Mom and Toddler Date Ideas

There’s nothing as special as spending time with your children. Real bonding time and mindful parenting can be challenging through the hustle and bustle of life. We often spend a lot of time with our children but not actually engaging with them and being fully present due to our daily routines. We drive them places, eat dinner together, and get them ready for bed but are we always being present? Is our attention to them undivided or is it habitual? It’s important to make a conscious effort to be mindful as often as we can and taking in every precious moment. Setting aside time during the day to give only to our children, all other things aside. And it’s important to also spend quality time with just them, doing activities they enjoy doing. This gives them a time to ask you questions or express feelings they may be having and giving opportunities for you to connect and create everlasting memories.

Toddlers are a bit different when it comes to things that are practical to do together. They don’t have a very long attention span, they get bored easily, and they don’t sit still for more than a few minutes. They love things that are interactive, very hands-on. They want to be doing something don’t care much for downtime. My toddler and I really enjoy these activities together. You can do just one or pick multiple smaller ones to pack a whole day full.

~Outdoor Activities

walk or a hike
Have a picnic
Go to the zoo
Pick berries at a u-pick farm
GO swimming
PLAY AT THE splash pad or water park

~Indoor Activities

Play at an Arcade
VISIT AN Aquarium or pet store
get icecream or frozen yogurt
JUMP AT A trampoline park
Finger paint at home
Make slime
build a pillow fort and watch a movie in it
make a dessert together

I’d love to know your favorite toddler dates. If you have any different ideas that you would like to share, please leave them in the comments!

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  1. Amber says:

    Great ideas! My kiddos enjoy drawing on the sidewalk with chalk.

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