What to Keep in Your Small Purse

Since my post about what I keep in my toddler’s diaper bag is all about having everything I need for my son while we’re out and about, it doesn’t have everything I need while we’re away from home. There’s a lot of times when I go into a store that I grab only the diaper bag and my wallet or I grab only my purse. Then, if I’m by myself, I only grab my wallet. No matter what I take, I make sure it’s stocked with what I need.

I used to carry a large purse at all times. Think picnic basket large. But that wasn’t practical, especially with all of the other things I have with me during the day. So, I downsized my bag, drastically, and got compact items instead of full sized ones.


Keeps the cash, cards and change organized. This one has a separate compartment on the back where I like to keep: a Goody Powder, panty liners, a wet wipe and a disposable face mask.

Brush with mirror

I got this one from Amazon but I’ve seen them at multiple stores recently. It folds up nicely to save room and it’s one of the most-used purse items.

Travel Kleenex

As an allergy sufferer, this is a MUST have item. Also great for messes in a pinch.


This the souvenir type from Tennessee. It has quite a few things including bottle openers, a knife and scissors, a file, screwdriver and more.

Great Smoky Mountains Souvenir Multitool

Hair Elastic

Or bobby pins/clips.


Used 100x a day.

Travel Mascara

For when a last minute dinner or coffee date happens.


I always have at least one type of pain reliever. It’s great to be able to have something for when someone your with has a headache and of course, for yourself too. In the spring, I also keep Claritin or Zyrtec. The small bottles (size of a chapstick) are the best for space savers and you can refill them when needed.


The Secret On-the-Go one is perfect.

Hand Sanitizer

I keep a cute little Mickey Mouse one hooked to the outside of my purse since it gets used so many times during the day.

Aunt Flo Items

A tampon and pad is always great to have in your purse. This is another great thing to have in case someone else needs them. A travel sized wipe too.


Onion and garlic pizza for lunch? This item is for other people’s sake.

Tide pen

Toddlers and husbands, say less.

Phone Charger

I LOVE this one, it’s a phone charger and a bracelet. I got it at Five Below and it’s been so useful.

Bracelet Phone Charger Five Below

Single Diaper

If you have kids in diapers, of course. I keep one diaper folded up in the bottom of my purse for emergencies.

  • This is my purse, fully stocked. I got it from Ross about a year ago. I’ve linked the same one on Amazon. It has 5 compartments to organize everything for easy finding.

I hope you found this useful. If you always have another good and useful item in your purse, please leave a comment!

Sending love and positivity. Xo, Hannah!

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