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Crochet Christmas Gifts that People Actually Want 2021

Finally, temperatures start to fall and with that comes a nice, holly jolly, feeling. The holiday season is upon us! Now is the perfect time to start thinking about Christmas gifts for this year (maybe even a little late for some).

Crochet items are perfect gifts for all of your loved ones. Not only are they cute/useful, but they show your loved ones that you care for them so much that you would spent x amount of time working on that gift for them.

Over the years, I’ve gifted hundreds of crochet items to my friends and family. It took a little trial and error to figure out how to make gifts that people actually will like and I’ve figured out that while the item itself is important, how you personalize that item is what really MAKES the gift.

Some gift personalization examples are: colors, patterns and styles. If someone is in to neutral colors and minimalist designs, a neon colored hat would probably never be worn by that person. That same type of hat might be that persons most-worn item if had earthy colors, instead.

If you know that someone’s home is a farmhouse design style, you could make a throw, pillow, or coasters that really capture and add to that style. Or if someone is obsessed with a certain design like chevron, or if they love a character like Minnie Mouse, you can take that and make any plain item into one personalized just for them.

Really knowing the person that you are gifting to will help you create the best gift possible. Even if you don’t know the person well, or if you just can’t quite decide their preferred style, you can create some items that are suited to a broad range of individuals. Basic items that everyone uses or needs, in colors that flow with anything. White is always my go-to because it works with everything.

Now that you have a general idea of how to make a gift more personal to someone, let’s narrow it down and talk about specific items to crochet for Christmas gifts this year that people will want and actually use, too.


The images in this post are a combination of my own and my original patterns and some patterns are other’s in which their patterns are also linked.

Warm Items

Warm items to wear are the most appreciated items, especially in December. They don’t have to be boring either.

1. Hats

Matching mommy & me hats. Character/themed hats. Football team hats.

2. scarves 

Regular scarves with tassels. Infinity scarves. Scarves with pockets. Cowls.

Foundation Scarf Crochet Pattern | Beginner Friendly

3. shawls

Pocket shawls, oversized or poncho.

4. Ear Warmers

Match hats and ear warmers for the whole family. 

Wild West Ear Warmer Headband Crochet Pattern

5. gloves/mittens

Pair with hats, scarves or ear warmers for a set!

6. sweaters

I love a good sweater, and I love them even more when I make my son a matching one!

6. Blankets

Everyone loves a good blanket. Make a decorative throw to match someone’s home décor, a warm bed blanket, or a baby blanket for the little ones. This is typically the most time consuming item.

Baby Items

Don’t we just love to make the baby items? They work up quickly and turn out oh so cute.

7. Car seat blankets

Regular blankets to match the nursery, and also to cover the car seat or stroller.  A holiday themed blanket would be so cute for a baby’s first Christmas!

8. rattles and toys

I made these for little family members recently and they were a hit. I ordered a big pack of rattle inserts from amazon last year and I’ve made so many with them! 

9. Baby clothes

There are endless clothing items that you could make for a baby but a cute sweater or cardigan would be a great Christmas gift!

10. baby shoes

They’re always so cute. Make a pair of baby Uggs, call them Bugs. (That’s a good one and you know it.)

Decorative Items

11. Pillows 

Holiday decorative pillow, themed pillow, or a pretty bed pillow.

12. tea towels

Jewelry and Hair Accessories 

You may not immediately think of jewelry when thinking about crochet items but they definitely are worth trying out!

13. Earrings

These are my favorite earrings, I wear them all of the time. My grandmother’s birthday is a day before mine and last year I made us a matching set!

14. Bracelets and anklets

15. Hair scarf

Hair Scarf Crochet Pattern | Beginner Friendly

16. scrunchies

I have quite a few pals who will get a few this year. But lets be honest, I made more for myself.


17. drawstring bAG

This was my most-sold item this summer, and for good reason. They are useful and cute. They can be made extremely girly or masculine. The colors are completely up to the individual, as well as the flap cover.

Drawstring Bag with Flap Cover | Crochet Pattern – Advanced Beginner

18. Purses

I know a few people who would love a good over the shoulder bag!

19. makeup/travel toiletry bags

20. glasses case

I would love to see your creations so please tag Home Sweet Simpson on Instagram and Facebook. Until next time, stay safe and happy crocheting!


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