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Basic Bralette | Crochet Pattern

I absolutely, cannot believe that I haven’t posted this pattern until now. This basic bralette is literally the base for so many of the tops I make. Definitely the pattern I use the most and have memorized. It is so simple and most of it is a repeat. Not to mention, making your custom size is so easy to do!

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Notes: *I have included the number of chains and rows for sizes s-xl, but my
recommendation is that you get your perfect size by measuring from the
bottom to center of your breast and making your foundation chain that same
length. Every size is made the same way by making single crochets up the
chain, making 3 single crochets in the last stitch, and then working one single
crochet in each stitch down the back of the chain, turning your work and
repeating that with the 3 single crochets in the middle stitch of the 3 single
crochets from the last row. Placing a stitch marker in the second of the 3
single crochets will help you know where to place your 3 single crochets.

*You can ch 1 and turn at the end of each row if you would like. Do not count
ch 1 as a stitch. I am not chaining 1 at the end of my rows.

*For straps: I make my straps along with the last row of my cup so that I don’t
have to attach them separately. However, if you choose to, you can make your
cups, fasten off, and then attach them.

Small: base chain- 13. Number of rows: 8

Medium: base chain- 15. Number of rows: 10

Large: base chain-17. Number of rows: 12

X-Large: base chain- 19. Number of rows: 14.

Abbreviations/ Stitches Used:

Single crochet (sc)
Stitch (st)
Chain (ch)

Materials Used:

-Worsted weight #4 yarn
-4.5 mm crochet hook
-Yarn needle

*Refer to chart for # of foundation ch for your size.

After you’ve made your foundation chain:

-Make 1 sc in each st and 3 sc in the last st. Place a stitch marker in
the second stitch of the 3 stitches placed in the last ch. From now
on, place your 3 sc in the st that your st marker is in, moving it up
with each row.
-Continue making 1 sc in each st around back of chain. Turn your
-Continue making 1 sc in each st and 3 sc in the st with the st
marker in each row until you reach your last row.
-For your last row: you have the option of doing it the same as
every other row and then attaching straps separately, OR adding
straps on with the last row as follows:
-Last row:

***Optional edging for last row: OPTION 1:

1 double crochet in first st, ch1, skip a st, double crochet in the next st. Repeat until you get to top of cup and make neck tie. Continue 1 double crochet, ch 1, skip a st, and double crochet into next st until you reach bottom and make back tie.

OPTION #2: Picot in first st, 1 sc, picot in next st. Repeat until top of cup and make neck strap. Picot, 2 sc. picot until bottom and make back tie.

Continue your last row until you reach the st before your
st marker and ch as many ch as desired for your neck band. (about
60). Make 1 sc in each ch back down to cup, skipping the st that
your st marker is in and working into the next st.
– Once you reach the bottom of your cup, ch the desired # of ch for
the back ties. (about is 70) Make 1 sc in each ch until you are back
to the cup.
-Make sc along bottom of cup until you reach the end.
Fasten off. Repeat for next cup.
Using a yarn needle and small piece of yarn, sew cups together at
the bottom, going up about 5 st. Weave in ends.

And that’s it! Feel free to make your band wider or add some edging to it, too. Play around with it and customize it completely to your liking!

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