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How to Crochet Scrunchies

These crochet scrunchies are so stinking cute and perfect to amp up any outfit. They are also extremely easy and quick to make!

The scrunchies are made by crocheting around a basic hair tie. You can use thick ones or thin ones- I prefer thin ones but it’s all up to you. You can easily adjust your # of stitches around the tie if your tie is bigger/smaller. I will explain more on that in the pattern, below.

The supplies you will need to make crochet scrunchies are:

-Worsted Weight Yarn (in your choice of color)

-5mm Crochet Hook

-Yarn Needle


-Hair Elastic



Abbreviations/Stitches Used:

-Single Crochet (sc)

-Double Crochet (dc)

-Slip Stitch (sl st)

-Chain (ch)

Notes- *ch 3, does not count as a stitch.

Round 1:

Attach yarn to hair tie and make 40 sc around hair tie (the same as you would in a magic circle). Stitches will be very close together towards the end, push them over as you go. If your hair tie is bigger and your stitches are not very close together, you can add more stitches. Sl st into first sc of round. Ch 3.

Round 2:

Make 2 dc in each st around. Sl st into first dc of round. Fasten off, weave in ends.

And that’s it! Super simple and easy to adjust. Hope you enjoy!

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