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Holly Jolly Headband Ear Warmer Crochet Pattern

‘Tis finally the season, you guys. I feel like I’ve had my Christmas decorations up for months now (since October but, who’s really keeping track?). It’s officially after Thanksgiving now, so I can post Christmas content without scrutiny. 😉

The weather is cooling off and that’s especially rare for Alabama before January.. not kidding. So, I’ve brought back headband ear warmers to the markets and I SOLD OUT of the Wild West Ear Warmers. Be sure to check out the pattern for those if you haven’t already.

This pattern is so simple and very beginner friendly! The pattern is a one-row repeat with one color change. The twist is made by the way you sew the two ends together and though it looks complicated, it is super easy! The pattern is very short and I have included a step-by-step photo where you can see how the end is held to sew the twist.

Materials needed:

Worsted weight #4 yarn in red and green

4.25 mm crochet hook

yarn needle



(ch) chain

(hdc) half double crochet

***Notes: I chain 1 for my turning chain for hdc though some people chain 2. I think ch 1 looks a bit cleaner for this pattern but you may chain 2 if you prefer.

Let’s begin:

Color Red. Ch. 17

1.) Hdc in  2nd ch from hook, continue for rest of row. <16>

2.) Ch 1, turn. Make 1 hdc, in each st across. <16>

3-26.) Repeat row #2.

27-52.) Change colors to green. Repeat row #2.

Fasten off leaving a long tail.

Lay both end pieces beside each other overlapping in the middle. Fold one side over the back and the other side over the front making a “c” with both sides. Pictured below.

Weave in ends and turn right side-out.



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Crochet Tools and Supplies

Hello, Lovelies!

I get asked a lot about what things I like to use when crocheting and more specifically, things that make crochet easier. So today, I thought I would go over some simple things to remember and items to make crochet more efficient. I’ve included some links to all of these items that you can find on Amazon.

The first and most important thing is having the right supplies and keeping them organized while you work!

The main thing that causes headaches for me while I’m crocheting is losing the darn hook/needle! So, have a place for your things at all times so you can sit them down and they won’t run away from you. I, personally, keep a small basket with my yarn and tools in it and I can drop my items down in there and it all stays together and won’t get lost in the couch (or wherever they may go).


I keep all my supplies in their case when I’m not actively using them. I love this kit. It comes with everything you will need to crochet. It’s nice and portable- I’ve taken it on countless road trips since my husband got it for me a few years ago and it is 100% the most useful thing I have ever gotten.




The right lighting

Especially when I’m working with black or dark colored yarn, my eyes start to strain a lot to see the stitches. And it’s even more of a problem in low-lighting. So, having good lighting OR a lighted hook is a must. I’ll be honest, until semi-recently, I had no clue that lighted crochet hooks even existed. Game changers.


Keeping up with finished projects

I love keeping all my finished projects inside a cloth, zipper, bag. This way, they’re all together and protected from dust, dirt or anything else that could tarnish them. As a bonus, these have handles which make it easy to just grab them and take them to craft fairs or wherever they’re needed.


Yarn organization

Similarly, like finished projects, yarn organization is a must. I keep all of my yarn, organized by colors inside of bins at the top of my closet so they’re all out of the way.



And those are my best suggestions for making your crocheting more efficient and pleasurable!

Until next time, happy crocheting!

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Crochet Gifts (for any occasion)

Crochet gifts are so special to give and to receive. These type of handmade gifts show that person that you cared enough about them to spend a lot of time working on that gift- and not just picking up something at the store with far less meaning. Seeing their reactions when opening their gifts are just like getting a present yourself- so fulfilling.

So, I have compiled a list of items that I think are just perfect to give on any occasion, be it weddings, graduation, or birthday. I’ve included links to where you can find the patterns, as well.

#1- Bags

Crochet Drawstring Bag

Bags are so useful & versatile. This bag is my absolute favorite to make and my most sold item of 2021. Free pattern HERE.

#2- Flower Coasters

Aren’t these just the cutest thing to have on a coffee table?! Make them in any colors to match with specific home décor. Click here for pattern.

Crochet Flower Coasters

#3- Blankets

This HAD to be on the list. Yes, not the quickest project to make but definitely one that will be gawked over. There are so many types of blankets you could make- from baby blankets, bedspreads, throws, etc. Find the pattern for this blanket here.

Crochet Blanket

#4- Hair Ties – Scrunchies

Know a fashion guru? Guarantee they have a ton of scrunchies in their hair accessories- but I bet they don’t have any crochet ones! Find the free pattern for these super quick scrunchies here.

Crochet Scrunchies - Hair Ties

#5- Jewelry

These are so cute, I’ve given them as gifts and made some for myself. A great present for a special friend! Click here for the video tutorial!

Crochet Earrings - Crochet Jewelry

& that concludes my top 5 favorite crochet gifts for any occasion! I hope you’re inspired to make that perfect gift for someone. Until next time, happy crocheting!