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BOO-tiful Ghost Mini Stuffie Pattern

I love this time of year and all the spooky season things are in full swing! Now, I’m a fall-themed girly myself, but I do love the cute little ghosts too!

I made one of these as a keychain for a boo-basket gift for my husband a few days ago and now I’m stocking up on them for the market days next weekend, as well as for my Etsy shop! However, I made them as little stuffies and not keychains because the kids are so obsessed with them as toys and they make the perfect little coffee table decorations!

If you would like to purchase a finished stuffie, click here.

You could definitely add a keychain hook to the top of these or a long piece of yarn to hang around your rear-view mirror in your car if you’d like, the options are endless for these little cuties.

**Pattern notes**:

I use safety eyes for my plushy, but if you would like to crochet little circles for the eyes or glue on felt patches- that would work too! Infact, I recommend crocheting on the eyes if a baby will be receiving the plushies!

If you like to slip stitch and chain 1 to move to new row, you may do that. However, I do not for this pattern and I continue to next row without slip stitching.

You will need:

Worsted weight yarn in white

#4.5 crochet hook

Safety eyes, felt or black yarn for eyes!

Small amount of poly-fill for stuffing

Yarn needle


Round 1: Make magic ring, ch 1.
Make 6 sc in magic ring <5>
Pull ring tight

2: Sc 2 into each stitch around <12> **placing st marker in first st, moving up as you go.

3. Sc 1 into first st, sc 2 in next st. Repeat for round. <18>

4-13. sc 1 into each st around. <18>

14. Sc into the first st. In the next st make 1 hdc, 1 DC, 1 hdc. Sc into the next st. Repeat for rest of round. Sl st and fasten off.

Optional: turn work inside out so that the right side of the stitches now faces out.

For bottom piece: work rounds 1-3, sl st and fasten off, leaving long tail for sewing.

Add safety eyes to Row #6 about 5 st apart.

Stuff inside of ghost with poly-fil and sew bottom on. Fasten off and weave in ends!


Hope you enjoy your new little stuffie! Happy Halloween & tag me in your finished products on instagram @homesweetsimpson & follow on TikTok, too!