About the Writer

My name is Hannah Simpson.

I’ve been married to my wonderful husband, Brad, since December 2017. Immediately after we got married, we had our sweet baby, Marcus, in September of 2018. While I was busy getting married and having a baby, I was also in college obtaining my degree in Business Management. Things are less intense these days, unless you consider toddlers intense (who am I kidding, they are), but I’ve been able to open myself up once again to the other things in my life that draw my heart.

I have always loved art and making any and everything with my hands. I have enjoyed all forms of crafting since I was a very young child. Crocheting is my area of expertise since I began crocheting at 8 years old. These days, I enjoy creating patterns and designs to share with others.

Painting, hand embroidering and sewing are some of my other therapeutic hobbies. I like to think that there’s nothing that I cannot create, I love to challenge myself regularly. From keepsakes of all kinds, natural wellness products, wood images and other wood crafts- to delicious recipes.

Cooking is a HUGE thing in my family. It’s an artform in itself. I love creating fun recipes and being able to share them with my viewers.

I use my platform as a means to encourage and inspire others, whether it’s in a form of tutorial or pattern, hacks that make parenthood just a bit easier, or to give hope and encouragement on mental health issues- Specifically, my journey in overcoming anxiety.

My goal is to help someone, even just one person, in an area of their life where they struggle. I want my viewers to know that they are in a happy place when they’re here. We are a community that helps each other reach their full potential.