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Star- Spangled Earrings | Fourth of July Earrings Crochet Pattern

Every time I make a new pair of earrings, I say they are my favorite but seriously- these are my favorite! I can’t wait to wear them on the Fourth of July.

The pattern is so simple and there’s only one round to learn to make both pair. You only need to know how to make one star because, the earrings are a total of 6 stars. Attaching 3 per earring, and then attaching hooks. Quick and easy. The written pattern also has images to help if you are more of a visual learner!

I posted a few finished pair on my Etsy because a few people kept asking why I didn’t use my Etsy shop and the answer is because I prefer to keep my shop on my site and not under Etsy. However, for the rest of this month, I will keep these in my shop on Etsy and if you would like to purchase a finished pair from there, click here!

If you want to purchase a finished pair from my website, click here!

And as always, if you’d like to purchase this ad-free, printable pattern, with pictures, click here!
Without further ado, let’s get into it!

-Size 8 lace thread
-2.25 mm crochet hook
-Yarn needle
-Earring hooks
Optional: jump rings and jewelry pliers

– Chain (ch)
– Single crochet (sc)
– Double crochet (dc)


First color (white):
-Make a magic ring, ch 1

-**Inside the ring, make 1 sc, 1 dc, ch 2 and make another dc.

-Repeat ** 4 more times.

-Pull chain tight and fasten off. Weave in ends but leave one tail to attach to next star.

-Make 1 more white star, 2 red and 2 blue.

Using a yarn needle and small piece of thread, attach stars together with a small knot. Tie your top star to the earring hook OR use a jump ring and jewelry pliers to attach jump ring to star and then to hook.

Weave in any remaining ends.

Repeat all for the next earring.


Optional but recommended after making earrings to harden them:

Mix 1 part water with 1 part white glue and dip earrings in mixture, squeeze out excess glue and lay earrings flat on a piece of plastic wrap. Shape stars more by pinching the corners. Let dry overnight.


And that’s it! I hope you enjoy making these and I hope that you tag me in your photos on Instagram @ Homesweetsimpson. Make sure you’re following Home Sweet Simpson on Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest! Until next time, happy crocheting!

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Funky Wrap Top Crochet Pattern | Beginner Friendly

I’m so excited to share this top with you guys! I had so much fun creating it! I love strappy little tops and I love how this one is full coverage around the bust area. Of course, it’s adjustable around the neck and back because you can wrap and tie it as tight or as loose as you like.

Most of this pattern is a repeat and it is very easy to do. I’d say it is beginner friendly! All of the stitches are worked back and forth. There is decreasing by crocheting the first two stitches together and the last two stitches together in each row. The only stitch used throughout the whole pattern is half double crochet! We do work in the third loop of our half double crochet to give it a nice texture. I inserted a little diagram showing you exactly which loop is the third loop so to avoid any confusion.

This pattern below is for size small/medium.

Click here if you would like to purchase the ad-free, printable pattern in sizes small-xl.


Funky Wrap Top Crochet Pattern

Materials Needed:

o Worsted Weight #4 Yarn

o 4.5 mm Crochet Hook

o Yarn Needle

o Scissors

Abbreviations/ Stitches Used:

o Chain (ch)

o Stitch (st)

o Half Double Crochet (hdc)

o Half Double Crochet Two Together (hdc2tog)

Notes: This pattern is worked back and forth in the front 3rd
loop of half double crochets. Working into the front third
loop is done by going into the loop directly below the front

Size small/medium:

1.) Ch. 31 hdc into 2nd st from hook. Continue making one hdc in each st until end of row.

2.) Ch. 1, turn. Into the first st, make one hdc into the 3rd
loop (*see notes) into each st across.

3-26.) Repeat #2

27.) Ch 1, turn. Hdc2tog. Place st marker in very first st of row. (This is where you will place strap at the end). Make 1 sc in each st across until the last 2 st. Hdc2tog.

28.) Repeat #27 for each row until there’s only 1 st left.

Ch. 200.

Fasten off. Attach yarn to other side of top.

Repeat #27

Ch. 200

For middle cinching: From your two stitch markers, count to row #13. Using a yarn needle and a long piece of yarn make a running st straight down and back up the row. Tie both ends of yarn tight while pushing down on the fabric until it is cinched to your liking. Secure your knot and weave in ends.

For straps: Attach yarn to the st where your first st marker is.
Make a chain of 65 and fasten off. Repeat for next side.

Weave in any remaining ends.
You’re all done 🙂

Tag me in your finished products on Instagram @homesweetsimpson! I’d love to see them. Until next time, happy crocheting!

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Crochet Tools and Supplies

Hello, Lovelies!

I get asked a lot about what things I like to use when crocheting and more specifically, things that make crochet easier. So today, I thought I would go over some simple things to remember and items to make crochet more efficient. I’ve included some links to all of these items that you can find on Amazon.

The first and most important thing is having the right supplies and keeping them organized while you work!

The main thing that causes headaches for me while I’m crocheting is losing the darn hook/needle! So, have a place for your things at all times so you can sit them down and they won’t run away from you. I, personally, keep a small basket with my yarn and tools in it and I can drop my items down in there and it all stays together and won’t get lost in the couch (or wherever they may go).


I keep all my supplies in their case when I’m not actively using them. I love this kit. It comes with everything you will need to crochet. It’s nice and portable- I’ve taken it on countless road trips since my husband got it for me a few years ago and it is 100% the most useful thing I have ever gotten.




The right lighting

Especially when I’m working with black or dark colored yarn, my eyes start to strain a lot to see the stitches. And it’s even more of a problem in low-lighting. So, having good lighting OR a lighted hook is a must. I’ll be honest, until semi-recently, I had no clue that lighted crochet hooks even existed. Game changers.


Keeping up with finished projects

I love keeping all my finished projects inside a cloth, zipper, bag. This way, they’re all together and protected from dust, dirt or anything else that could tarnish them. As a bonus, these have handles which make it easy to just grab them and take them to craft fairs or wherever they’re needed.


Yarn organization

Similarly, like finished projects, yarn organization is a must. I keep all of my yarn, organized by colors inside of bins at the top of my closet so they’re all out of the way.



And those are my best suggestions for making your crocheting more efficient and pleasurable!

Until next time, happy crocheting!

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Best Crochet Projects for Absolute Beginners

Learning to crochet is exciting! Mastering how to hold your hook and yarn, getting your chain right and perfecting your tension all comes down to practice. The more you crochet, the more natural that it all feels. We all know though, that it can be daunting to only crochet meaningless swatches while practicing. Working on a project that will lead to an actual, usable, item is much more exciting. If you’re just starting out on your crochet journey, back and forth items are a great choice. Here are my favorite project recommendations!

Pot holders

Pot holders were my very first projects. I mean, I whipped up pot holders like there was no tomorrow and I still use those pot holders to this day. So, they are perfect for beginner projects but will also be very useful for years to come – even if they are a bit lop-sided! Check out this potholder pattern.


Crochet Seaside Placemat

A placemat is something that you can make as simple, or as intricate as you’d like. The possibilities are endless. For beginner’s sake- this seaside placemat is just gorgeous and so easy to make!

table runners

Crochet Table Runner

Table runners are attention grabbers! And having a gorgeous crochet table runner will be the talk of your next get-together. But they don’t have to be limited to your dining room table: coffee tables, patio tables, dressers, islands, and night stands all could benefit from your new-found craftiness. Here is a super cute and simple table runner that I think you will love!

 dish cloths

Dish cloths are another really useful item for your kitchen that you can make multiple of in very little time. Here is the perfect crochet dish cloth pattern for you!

cup cozies

Cup cozies are one of those things that you probably never thought about until one day, in efforts to save the environment, your favorite coffee shop decided to not give you a sleeve for your cup and so you spend the next 30 minutes sipping piping hot coffee and trying to hold the cup as loosely as possible to avoid first degree burns on your hands.. sorry, personal experience. Anyways, I don’t have that problem any more- and you won’t either because you hold the skills to make your own cup cozy to keep in your bag, your car, or at home to keep your hand perfectly burn-free, while also being eco-friendly. Here is a super simple pattern for you.

 hot pads

Crochet Hot Pad

And here we are again with the burning thing except, this time you’re saving your counters from being burned. Super simple to make, in my opinion, they’re over-sized pot holders! Click here for pattern.

 hair scarves

Hair scarves are another perfect accessory. I wear these a whole lot and they save me from terrible hair days. Make them in just a few minutes! Click here for pattern!

headband/ ear warmers

Headbands and ear warmers are perfect gifts and fashion accessories. How cool is it to be able to make your own fashion pieces?! Here is the pattern for these wild-west ear warmers that are sure to be your favorite winter wears.


Crochet Scarf Pattern

Scarves are a must-have winter item, and they make excellent gifts for Christmas or winter birthdays. You can make tons of scarves with just back and forth single, half double, double, or treble crochets! Here is a the perfect beginner scarf pattern!

 baby blankets

Single Crochet Baby Blanket

Baby blankets are such a sweet gift for a new baby. They’re great to crochet as a beginner because they are a bigger finished project, but the pattern is back and forth, easy peasy! Single crochet baby blanket pattern here!


And that’s it, you guys. I hope you make some of these and tag me in your photos- I’d love to see them. Find us on Facebook, Instagram, TikTok and Pinterest @Homesweetsimpson! Until next time, happy crocheting!

The tools I use in all of my projects come from this kit that you can find on Amazon, I highly recommend!


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Crochet Gifts (for any occasion)

Crochet gifts are so special to give and to receive. These type of handmade gifts show that person that you cared enough about them to spend a lot of time working on that gift- and not just picking up something at the store with far less meaning. Seeing their reactions when opening their gifts are just like getting a present yourself- so fulfilling.

So, I have compiled a list of items that I think are just perfect to give on any occasion, be it weddings, graduation, or birthday. I’ve included links to where you can find the patterns, as well.

#1- Bags

Crochet Drawstring Bag

Bags are so useful & versatile. This bag is my absolute favorite to make and my most sold item of 2021. Free pattern HERE.

#2- Flower Coasters

Aren’t these just the cutest thing to have on a coffee table?! Make them in any colors to match with specific home décor. Click here for pattern.

Crochet Flower Coasters

#3- Blankets

This HAD to be on the list. Yes, not the quickest project to make but definitely one that will be gawked over. There are so many types of blankets you could make- from baby blankets, bedspreads, throws, etc. Find the pattern for this blanket here.

Crochet Blanket

#4- Hair Ties – Scrunchies

Know a fashion guru? Guarantee they have a ton of scrunchies in their hair accessories- but I bet they don’t have any crochet ones! Find the free pattern for these super quick scrunchies here.

Crochet Scrunchies - Hair Ties

#5- Jewelry

These are so cute, I’ve given them as gifts and made some for myself. A great present for a special friend! Click here for the video tutorial!

Crochet Earrings - Crochet Jewelry

& that concludes my top 5 favorite crochet gifts for any occasion! I hope you’re inspired to make that perfect gift for someone. Until next time, happy crocheting!

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How to Crochet Scrunchies

These crochet scrunchies are so stinking cute and perfect to amp up any outfit. They are also extremely easy and quick to make!

The scrunchies are made by crocheting around a basic hair tie. You can use thick ones or thin ones- I prefer thin ones but it’s all up to you. You can easily adjust your # of stitches around the tie if your tie is bigger/smaller. I will explain more on that in the pattern, below.

The supplies you will need to make crochet scrunchies are:

-Worsted Weight Yarn (in your choice of color)

-5mm Crochet Hook

-Yarn Needle


-Hair Elastic



Abbreviations/Stitches Used:

-Single Crochet (sc)

-Double Crochet (dc)

-Slip Stitch (sl st)

-Chain (ch)

Notes- *ch 3, does not count as a stitch.

Round 1:

Attach yarn to hair tie and make 40 sc around hair tie (the same as you would in a magic circle). Stitches will be very close together towards the end, push them over as you go. If your hair tie is bigger and your stitches are not very close together, you can add more stitches. Sl st into first sc of round. Ch 3.

Round 2:

Make 2 dc in each st around. Sl st into first dc of round. Fasten off, weave in ends.

And that’s it! Super simple and easy to adjust. Hope you enjoy!

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The April Top | Crochet Pattern

It’s finally warm outside and I’m so excited to put away the winter clothes and stock my closet and dresser drawers with tank tops, shorts, and sun dresses! I’m more excited though, to make some super cute summer clothes!

This is my favorite top that I have ever made for myself. It fits so perfectly and it’s comfortable and adjustable. When I started making this top, I was actually intending on making a bandana top. So basically, I made this top upside down and then when I got close to being done, I decided I liked it this way so much better. It is PERFECT. I wore it all day today and got so many compliments on it, too.

If you’d like to purchase the ad-free, printable, pattern with photos, click here.

The April Top


Materials used:

Worsted Weight #4 yarn in 2 colors (mine are tan and burgundy)

5mm crochet hook

Optional: larger crochet hook about 9 mm


Stitch marker

Yarn needle



Half double crochet (hdc)

Single crochet (sc)

Chain (ch)

Stitch (st)


**note: this pattern uses spiked half double crochets and regular half double crochets. To do a spiked half double crochet, you will yarn over and insert your hook into the previous row, pull up a loop, yarn over and pull through all three loops.




Size Small/Medium: chain 90 + 1

Size Large/XL: chain 120 +1


First color:

  1. Hdc in first st and continue until end of row. Ch 1, turn.

2-4. Hdc in each st across.


Second color:

  1. Hdc in first st, spiked hdc in next st. Repeat until end of row. Ch 1, turn.

6-8. Hdc in each st across. Ch 1, turn.


First color:

  1. Repeat #5

10-12. Repeat #6

Fasten off.


Second color:

For size small/medium: count 20 st from each side towards the middle. Place a st marker in one side so you know when to stop, and attach your yarn to the other side.

For size large/x-large: count 25 st from each side towards the middle. Place a st marker in one side so you know when to stop, and attach your yarn to the other side.

  1. Repeat #5

14-16. Decrease in first 2 st, hdc in next every st until the last 2 of row. Decrease in last 2 st.

First color:

  1. Repeat #5

18-20. Repeat #14

Second color:

  1. Repeat #5

22-28. Repeat #14

Fasten off.

To make the sides of top have a clean edge, sc along side of top starting from row #13 to row 28. Repeat for other side. Fasten off.


Attach yarn to the first st of row 28, ch 70 and fasten off. Attach yarn to last st of row 28, ch 70 and fasten off.


Chain 100, fasten off. Weave your strap in and out of the back of top (rows 1-12). You can use a larger crochet hook to pull strap through.


Weave in all ends. Enjoy!

The tools I used for this project are the ones in this kit that you can find on Amazon. I highly recommend!



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Basic Bralette | Crochet Pattern

I absolutely, cannot believe that I haven’t posted this pattern until now. This basic bralette is literally the base for so many of the tops I make. Definitely the pattern I use the most and have memorized. It is so simple and most of it is a repeat. Not to mention, making your custom size is so easy to do!

If you would like to purchase the ad-free, printable pattern- click here!

Notes: *I have included the number of chains and rows for sizes s-xl, but my
recommendation is that you get your perfect size by measuring from the
bottom to center of your breast and making your foundation chain that same
length. Every size is made the same way by making single crochets up the
chain, making 3 single crochets in the last stitch, and then working one single
crochet in each stitch down the back of the chain, turning your work and
repeating that with the 3 single crochets in the middle stitch of the 3 single
crochets from the last row. Placing a stitch marker in the second of the 3
single crochets will help you know where to place your 3 single crochets.

*You can ch 1 and turn at the end of each row if you would like. Do not count
ch 1 as a stitch. I am not chaining 1 at the end of my rows.

*For straps: I make my straps along with the last row of my cup so that I don’t
have to attach them separately. However, if you choose to, you can make your
cups, fasten off, and then attach them.

Small: base chain- 13. Number of rows: 8

Medium: base chain- 15. Number of rows: 10

Large: base chain-17. Number of rows: 12

X-Large: base chain- 19. Number of rows: 14.

Abbreviations/ Stitches Used:

Single crochet (sc)
Stitch (st)
Chain (ch)

Materials Used:

-Worsted weight #4 yarn
-4.5 mm crochet hook
-Yarn needle

*Refer to chart for # of foundation ch for your size.

After you’ve made your foundation chain:

-Make 1 sc in each st and 3 sc in the last st. Place a stitch marker in
the second stitch of the 3 stitches placed in the last ch. From now
on, place your 3 sc in the st that your st marker is in, moving it up
with each row.
-Continue making 1 sc in each st around back of chain. Turn your
-Continue making 1 sc in each st and 3 sc in the st with the st
marker in each row until you reach your last row.
-For your last row: you have the option of doing it the same as
every other row and then attaching straps separately, OR adding
straps on with the last row as follows:
-Last row:

***Optional edging for last row: OPTION 1:

1 double crochet in first st, ch1, skip a st, double crochet in the next st. Repeat until you get to top of cup and make neck tie. Continue 1 double crochet, ch 1, skip a st, and double crochet into next st until you reach bottom and make back tie.

OPTION #2: Picot in first st, 1 sc, picot in next st. Repeat until top of cup and make neck strap. Picot, 2 sc. picot until bottom and make back tie.

Continue your last row until you reach the st before your
st marker and ch as many ch as desired for your neck band. (about
60). Make 1 sc in each ch back down to cup, skipping the st that
your st marker is in and working into the next st.
– Once you reach the bottom of your cup, ch the desired # of ch for
the back ties. (about is 70) Make 1 sc in each ch until you are back
to the cup.
-Make sc along bottom of cup until you reach the end.
Fasten off. Repeat for next cup.
Using a yarn needle and small piece of yarn, sew cups together at
the bottom, going up about 5 st. Weave in ends.

And that’s it! Feel free to make your band wider or add some edging to it, too. Play around with it and customize it completely to your liking!

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Flower Coasters | Crochet Pattern

Hey, Guys! I hope your week is off to a good start. Easter is this Sunday and spring is in full bloom. I know this because of the amount that I have been sneezing.. Nevertheless, the outdoors are finally full of color and that is what inspired these gorgeous flower coasters! These take only a few minutes to make and do not require any fancy stitches. One coaster takes less than 10 minutes and a bundle of 4 would take less than 45. That makes it easy to whip these up in all sorts of color combinations.

If you’d like to purchase the ad-free, printable, pattern, click here!

Flower Coasters | Crochet Pattern
Materials Needed:

– Worsted weight #4 yarn in 2 colors (mine are brown and yellow)

– 5 mm crochet hook

– Scissors

– Yarn needle

Abbreviations/Stitches Used:

– Slip Stitch (sl st)

– Double Crochet (dc)

– Treble Crochet (tr)

– Stitch (st)

**note: #’s inside <> indicate total # of stitches in that round.
First Color: Brown

1. Make a magic ring, ch. 2. *ch. 2 does not count as a st. Dc 10 inside ring. Pull tight, sl st into top of first dc of round. <10>

2. Ch. 2. *ch. 2 does not count as a st. Make 2 dc in each st all the way around. Sl st into top of first dc. <20> Fasten off.

Second Color: Yellow

Petals: Attach yarn to the st you last worked, ch. 3. *ch 3 DOES count as st from here on.

In the same st, make 1 dc, 1 tr, and 2 more dc. Sl st into the next 2 st, ch 3 and repeat until end of round. <10 petals total>

Fasten off. Weave in ends

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Underbust Corset

My recent obsession with Victorian fashion truly inspired this piece. I absolutely love all of the corsets, ruffled sleeves, lace, coats, all of it! A part of me hopes that the style makes a come-back in the near future… This specific corset also reminds my husband of a lady pirate. So, to each, their own. This corset is great for many different looks!
The best thing about a corset is it’s ability to fit a lot of sizes because it is adjustable by design. Making the general corset size smaller or larger is simple to do by increasing or decreasing the number of rows that are the same and repeated for the majority of the project, rows 7-94. This pattern makes the corset about 30 inches around, fully closed.
CLick here if you would like to purchase the ad-free, pdf downloadable pattern!
-Worsted Weight #4 Yarn in light brown and a small about in black (or your choice of colors)
-5mm Crochet Hook
-Yarn Needle
Abbreviations/Stitches Used:
Stitch (st)
Slip Stitch (sl st)
Single Crochet (sc)
For decreasing: Single Crochet Two Together (sc 2 tog)
For edging, a picot stitch is used. To do a picot: chain up 3, single crochet in first chain.
** Ch 1. Does not count as st.
<#> represents total number of stitches in that row.
This pattern measures about 30 inches around, fully closed. To increase or decrease the general size, add more rows or reduce # of rows in #7-94.
1. Ch. 25, one sc in each st across. Ch 1, turn. <24>
2. Sc first 2 st together, sc until last two st of row, sc tog. Ch 1, turn.<22>
3. Sc first 2 st together, sc until last two st of row, sc tog. Ch 1, turn. <20>
4. Sc first 2 st together, sc until last two st of row, sc tog. Ch 1, turn.<18>
5. Sc first 2 st together, sc until last two st of row, sc tog. Ch 1, turn.<16>
6. Sc first 2 st together, sc until last two st of row, sc tog. Ch 1, turn.<14>
7-94. Sc in each st across. Ch 1, turn. <14>
95.Sc 2 in first st, 1 sc in each st until last. 2 sc in last st. Ch 1, turn. <16>
96. Sc 2 in first st, 1 sc in each st until last. 2 sc in last st. Ch 1, turn. <18>
97. Sc 2 in first st, 1 sc in each st until last. 2 sc in last st. Ch 1, turn. <20>
98. Sc 2 in first st, 1 sc in each st until last. 2 sc in last st. Ch 1, turn. <22>
99. Sc 2 in first st, 1 sc in each st until last. 2 sc in last st. Ch 1. <24>
Going around outer edge of work: make 3 sc, picot, 3 sc, picot. Repeat all the way around, sc only on the straight middle edges.
Fasten off, weave in ends.
For tie: Cut string about 2.5 feet. Lay corset flat with both flat ends facing each other. Weave tie in and out between both sides of corset. Attach Tassels to ends if desired.